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The Promise of the Eternal Covenant
The Promise of the Eternal Covenant
The Promise of the Eternal Covenant

The Promise of the Eternal Covenant

God's Profound Providence as Revealed in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ (the Postexilic Period) - God's Administration in the History of Redemption - Book 5

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Following his remarkable exegesis on the first and second periods of Jesus' genealogy, the best-selling author, in the fifth installment of The History of Redemption series, covers the third and final period, which spans the fourteen generations from the Babylonian exile to Jesus Christ. The Promise of the Eternal Covenant sheds light upon the labyrinth-like history of the 600 years before Jesus' birth. Throughout the book, Rev. Abraham Park demonstrates that God is sovereign over all history; the rise and fall of nations, kingdoms, and empires occur all according to God's eternal decrees and providence. His readers will be filled with assurance that God's promise of the Eternal Covenant will certainly be fulfilled. Key features: Redemptive-historical discussions on the fourteen generations and their names in both biblical languages The generations omitted from the third period of Jesus' genealogy and God's redemptive administration therein Everything you need to know about the Babylonian exile and the return therefrom An amazingly comprehensive chart which delineates: Israel's history and chronology of the kings, prophets, and high priest for this era The chronological, geopolitical, and even redemptive-historical relationships between Israel and the world's superpowers like Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Egypt The continuation of the line of the promised seed toward Christ in the turbulent transitions in world history

This title is part of The History of Redemption series which includes:

  • Book 1: The Genesis Genealogies
  • Book 2: The Covenant of the Torch
  • Book 3: The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant
  • Book 4: God's Profound and Mysterious Providence
  • Book 5: The Promise of the Eternal Covenant
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Abraham Park
Abraham Park(Autor)

Abraham Park (1928-2014) fut avant tout un passionné de la Bible. Diplômé et honoré par plusieurs instituts théologiques coréens et américains, il a reçu le titre de Docteur Honoris Causa du renommé Knox Theological Seminary (États-Unis). Également fondateur d’une importante congrégation à Séoul en Corée du Sud, il a publié plusieurs livres, dont Le Tabernacle et la série de livres l’Histoire de la Rédemption, qui lui a valu ses nombreux titres honorifiques