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How's your soul?
How's your soul?
How's your soul?

How's your soul?

Why everything that matters starts with the inside you

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Modern everyday life is stressful and confusing, full of overly packed schedules and circumstances outside one’s control. This can be especially troubling for Christians who are wrestling with reality while trying to put their trust in God. But the truth is, anxiety does not have to be the constant from day to day. In fact, all the things people most desire in life--peace of mind, hope for tomorrow--are rooted in one simple thing: how they care for the health of their souls. In How's Your Soul?, Judah Smith explores the various facets and needs of the inner person, demonstrating that the path to cultivating healthy souls starts with discovering God’s original design. He helps readers

  • find real peace and security by bringing their feelings into alignment with God’s truth,
  • discover a healthy sense of identity from God and feel empowered to face the future with a new security and confidence, and
  • learn the four elements necessary for a healthy soul environment.

Sharing his own often humorous mistakes and foibles, Judah offers a helping hand as readers find their way through the emotional rollercoasters of life to discover the soul-healing essentials rooted in what he calls the soul’s only true home--God himself.

ISBN: 9781400212743
Produtor: Thomas Nelson
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Conteúdo do livro

"I have been blessed to have Judah not only as my pastor but as my friend. When I read what he writes, I experience someone doing exactly what they were created to do."

"Enjoy finding humor, wisdom, and godly counsel within these pages."
-BRIAN HOUSTON, founder and global senior pastor, Hillsong Church

"Judah Smith shares his guidance for gaining a better understanding of what's going on inside each and every one of us. Soul work is life work."

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Judah Smith(Autor)
Judah Smith é pastor da City Church, em Seattle, nos Estados Unidos e autor de vários livros. Palestrante requisitado para conferências e pregação em igrejas, suas mensagens bem-humoradas, mas não menos desafiadoras e urgentes, visam a desmistificar a Bíblia e a mostrar às pessoas quem, de fato, é Jesus. Judah é casado com Chelsea e tem três filhos.