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Step into your purpose

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Remember feeling a pull, sensing a divine guide that was leading youto the right place or person? DESTINY, that inner compass, directs youto fulfillment of your highest purpose. When you reflect on your life,you may be amazed that your greatest moments resulted from circumstancesthat you did not control or initiate.

You were destined!

Steppinginto your destiny means fulfilling the role you were created to play inlife. You thrive and find the great elixir of contentment when you havethe courage to pursue your true purpose.

Life offers more whendestiny is our focus! Our divine purpose maneuvers us past challenges,pains, and shortcuts and even what appears on the surface to be failure.On deeper reflection, we understand them as catalysts that shift ustoward authentic self-identity, greater exposure, and bold lifeadventures.

Whether you are just starting out, starting over, orwondering if there is greater success than what you've alreadyaccomplished, now is the time to reset your inner compass. Clear yourpath of distractions and disruptions. Correct places where you haveveered off course. Get unstuck.

Embrace your God-given purpose and, withthis revelatory guide from T.D. Jakes, dare to pursue the unseen orderin your life circumstances that is your DESTINY.


ISBN: 9781473626539
Código de produto: 9781473626539
Dimensões: 160 x 230 mm
Número de páginas: 272
Língua: Inglês UK

Conteúdo do livro

From the Publisher
This book is AMAZING, it unlocks so many doors and answers so many real questions you can have about your destiny and what life can hold for you.... This book would have saved me a bunch of lost days.—Steve Harvey, on Destiny

I met T.D.Jakes several years ago. We've spoken on platforms together. I've witnessed first hand, his ability to transform the way we think about our life's situations. He is uniquely gifted to help anyone determine and navigate their life into a deeper more successful experience in life! I'm excited to see him share his insights in this profound new book!

Destiny is the road and reading is the way to access your purpose and arrive at a fuller more complete life, career and family experience.

—- Tony Robbins, on Destiny

Destiny drove Moses from obscurity to immortality; destiny took Joseph from betrayal to royalty; destiny took David from a shepherd's field to the palace. Bishop T.D. Jakes, in his masterful presentation of "Destiny," charts a divine path that will renew your dreams and transform your future.

—John Hagee, on Destiny
Publishers Weekly
Jakes (Instinct), author of more than 25 books and “bishop” of the popular nondenominational syndicated TV show the Potter’s Touch, builds on his previous works in this conversational sermon, proposing a framework for readers to discover their purpose and achieve their full potential. According to Jakes, we are all placed on the Earth for a specific purpose that can only be discovered by listening to our instincts. In this book, he takes the next step: “Instinct must merge with purpose to find Destiny.” Jakes, a no-nonsense speaker and author, writes directly about common problems he encounters in his ministry. He provides supportive advice for a range of hypothetical situations (relating to extra-marital temptations, laziness at work, family time management), offering examples from popular culture and history to illustrate his points (though these are often more anecdotal than revelatory). Readers will specifically learn how to prioritize wisely; decide what works best for their unique gifts and talents; protect the undervalued commodity of time; push past failure; and find the courage to actively pursue their destinies. Jakes’s passion for life and colloquial style translate effortlessly from screen to page. This book of hard-nosed spiritual advice is an uplifting rally cry for self-determination. (Aug.)

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