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A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament

One Book, One God, One Story


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Many of us know and love the stories and characters of the Old Testament such as Joseph, Moses and Jonah. But how do we view its importance in relation to New Testament teaching and our 21st century experiences?

This accessible yet powerful addition to the Pocket Guide series draw together the threads of Scripture to help us understand the power of God's word when viewed in its completeness.
  • From the pen of one of the finest Old Testament scholars
  • Foreword from Tim Keller


In nearly every conceivable way this little book is outstanding to the point that I can hardly believe so much useful content is concentrated into so few pages. If your typical book is coffee, Loving the Old Testament is expresso.
It's clearly written, interesting, supported by meticulous and creative scholarship, not infrequently humorous, reverent and pious (in the best sense), and very practically applicable especially to a local church context. Furthermore, if you know anything about biblical studies from the last 100 years, you'll know that Moyter's is essentially the evangelical Gandalf.
If you're a pastor, I'd encourage you to buy a couple dozen copies and keep them on your free book table or stocked in your bookstore.
Timothy Raymond- Credo Magazine

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament, and Alec Motyer's recent volume Preaching? prove that faithful believers 'will still bear fruit in old age-they will stay fresh and green.' (Ps. 92:14) Why? Because they will continue proclaiming, 'The Lord is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him.' (Ps. 92:15)
Tim Keller, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York

...If the world is still here in a hundred years' time, these thrilling pages will still be looked upon as a treasure trove among God's faithful people.
Richard Bewes, Rector Emeritus of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, OBE

...it is a huge privilege to commend the author of the Pocket Guide you now hold in your hand- although, quite frankly, his work speaks for itself so well that it does not need me to approve it.
D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

Now 90, Alec Motyer retains all his old clarity, warmth and charm as he shares his infectious affection for, and insight into, Jesus's Bible. This is a first-rate get-you-started book.
J. I. Packer, Well known Author & Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

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Conteúdo do livro

Foreword: Tim Keller ix
Preface xiii
1 Begin Here! 1
2 Th e Th reefold Book 7
3 Jesus and the not-so-silly Question 13
4 Preparing for Jesus 19
5 Bible Words have Bible Meanings 25
6 Knowing God 33
7 Following the Straight Line 41
8 Th e Great Unities: One Book, One Covenant 47
9 Th e Great Unities: One God 55
10 Th e Great Unities: One Way of Salvation 65
11 Th e Great Unities: One Story, One Messiah 77
12 Practicalities: Prophets and Psalms 87
13 Over the Bridge 103
14 Settling Down to our Task 121
Afterword: D. A. Carson 127


Tim Keller
Approximately forty years ago, during the summer
between my undergraduate college years and seminary,
I was working and living with my parents in Johnstown,
Pennsylvania. One evening I drove over the mountains
down into a long valley in the midst of the Laurel
Highlands and came eventually to the Ligonier Valley
Study Center, just outside the little Western Pennsylvania
hamlet of Stahlstown, where R.C. Sproul was hosting
at his regular weekly Question and Answer session a
British Old Testament scholar, J. Alec Motyer. As a still
fairly new Christian, I found the Old Testament to be a
confusing and off -putting part of the Bible.
I will always remember his answer to a question about
the relationship of Old Testament Israel to the church
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament 3 willie.indd ix 2/9/2015 3:57:22 PM
(I can’t remember if R.C. posed it to him or someone
from the audience). After saying something about the
discontinuities, he insisted that we were all one people of
God. Th en he asked us to imagine how the Israelites under
Moses would have given their ‘testimony’ to someone who
asked for it. Th ey would have said something like this:
We were in a foreign land, in bondage, under the sentence
of death. But our mediator—the one who stands between us
and God—came to us with the promise of deliverance. We
trusted in the promises of God, took shelter under the blood
of the lamb, and he led us out. Now we are on the way to the
Promised Land. We are not there yet, of course, but we have
the law to guide us, and through blood sacrifi ce we also have
his presence in our midst. So he will stay with us until we get
to our true country, our everlasting home.
Th en Dr Motyer concluded: ‘Now think about it. A Christian
today could say the same thing, almost word for word. ’
My young self was thunderstruck. I had held the
vague, unexamined impression that in the Old Testament
people were saved through obeying a host of detailed
laws but that today we were freely forgiven and accepted
by faith. Th is little thought experiment showed me, in
a stroke, not only that the Israelites had been saved
by grace and that God’s salvation had been by costly
atonement and grace all along, but also that the pursuit
of holiness, pilgrimage, obedience, and deep community
should characterize Christians as well.
Not long after this I heard a series of lectures by
Edmund P. Clowney on the importance of ministers
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament 3 willie.indd x 2/9/2015 3:57:22 PM
always preaching Christ, even when they are preaching
from the Old Testament. Dr Motyer’s little bombshell
and Ed Clowney’s lectures started me on a lifetime quest
to preach Christ and the gospel every time I expound
a Biblical text. Th ey are, in a sense, the fathers of my
preaching ministry.
While I believe I have read and used all of Dr Motyer’s
published works over the course of my life, three of his
books were transformative to my ministry in particular.
In my early days as a preacher his commentary on Amos,
sub-titled ‘Th e Day of the Lion’, was a huge help to me
as I struggled for the fi rst time to expound the minor
prophets. Th at work showed me God’s emphasis on
social justice and righteousness, a standard he applied not
only to his own covenant people but also to the nations
around them.
Th e second intervention came a couple of decades later,
when I was convicted about the shallowness of my prayer
life. In response, I began to dig into the Psalms, and the
two resources I relied on were Derek Kidner’s Tyndale
commentary and Alec Motyer’s brief but luminous
treatment of the Psalms in the New Bible Commentary:
21st Century Edition. Dr Motyer’s compact description
of the psalmists—that they were people who knew far
less about God than we do, yet loved him a great deal
more—is a crucial guide for interpreting the anguished
cries, shouts of praise, and declarations of love we meet
in God’s own Prayer Book. It is clear at some points that
we are reading authors who were writing about God’s
salvation before the ‘fullness of time’ had come and the
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament 3 willie.indd xi 2/9/2015 3:57:22 PM
Cross laid bare God’s plan for saving the world. And yet
the psalmists—with their less granular understanding of
the outworkings of it all—did indeed grasp the gospel
of salvation by grace, substitutionary atonement, and
faith. Across the 150 psalms we see virtually every human
condition and emotion set before God and transfi gured
by prayer. Th e authors’ love for God convicts, uplifts, and
instructs us as nothing else can. Th rough Motyer and
Kidner I was ushered into a new stage in my journey
toward fellowship with God.
Finally, a few years ago I tackled a series of sermons
expounding the book of Exodus mainly because I saw
that Dr Motyer had produced Th e Message of Exodus in
2005. It did not disappoint and became my main go-to
resource for the series.
Th is book, A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the
Old Testament, and his recent volume Preaching? Simple
Teaching on Simply Preaching prove that faithful believers
‘will still bear fruit in old age—they will stay fresh and
green.’ (Ps. 92:14) Why? Because they will continue
‘proclaiming, “Th e Lord is upright; he is my Rock, and
there is no wickedness in him.”’ (Ps. 92:15)
Tim Keller,
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
New York City
August, 2014
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Alec Motyer(Autor)
Devotou a maior parte de sua vida estudando o livro do profeta Isaías. Foi o Diretor do Trinity Theological College, Bristol, e vigário em Londres e Bournemouth antes de se aposentar. Sua carreira de escritor já se estende por quase cinco décadas. Ele mora com sua esposa Beryl em Poynton, Cheshire. É também autor de O Antigo Testamento: entenda sua mensagem também publicado por Shedd Publicações e do livro Guia de bolso para amar o Antigo Testamento que será publicado pelo CLC Portugal.