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Timothy Keller (Autor)

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Prayer - Awe and Intimacy with God by Tim Keller reconciles your deep urge to pray with the difficulty you experience in getting started, finding the words and having the faith to seek its fulfilment.

Most new and even many lifelong Christians are fervently looking for someone to teach them how to pray. It's because you're honestly seeking God's will and presence that you have that deep sense of the necessity of prayer - but how can you best go about it?

Timothy Keller knows that regular and effective prayer is fundamental to every Christian. He explains that prayer is the main avenue by which you'll experience deep and lasting change. He understands why so many people struggle with prayer because, as he freely admits, he has struggled himself.

Keller's wisdom and guidance is the hard earned fruit of those struggles. Now he can offer you a real and glorious vision of what it means to truly seek and find God in prayer.

Awe and Intimacy with God begins with an easy to grasp description of what prayer actually is; it's both a conversation and an encounter with God in person. Next, Tim explains how you can learn to pray, and then how you can deepen your prayer life.

Now you're ready to receive the popular and widely respected author's practical suggestions on how to make prayer a part of the reality of your daily life. In this stage by stage guide, Tim Keller gives you the basic tools of reflective prayer, self knowing prayer, communal and private meditative prayer.

This concise and practical guide will equip you to build your conversation and intimacy with God. Growing maturity in prayer will lead you toward fulfilling, in your own life, a workable culture of daily, weekly and monthly spiritual exercises and practices that will find you more connected to God, your world and to your own spirit.


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Is there any possible way we can benefit from yet another book on the subject of prayer? Tim Keller’s Prayer answers with a decisive yes... He has written a winsome, well-rounded book that leads through theory and into practice. It is one of the strongest books on prayer I have ever read and it receives my highest recommendation.

— Tim Challies,

Keller has deftly addressed what seem to be the inherent contradictions of prayer… Five stars.

— Jen Pollock Michel, Christianity Today
Timothy Keller
Considerado um dos cristãos mais influentes dos EUA, Timothy Keller nasceu na Pensilvânia e estudou no Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary e no Westminster Theological Seminary. Em 1989, inaugurou, junto com sua esposa Kathy e seus três filhos, a Igreja Presbiteriana Redeemer (Redentor), uma das mais “vibrantes congregações em Manhattan”, segundo a Christianity Today. Atualmente, a Redeemer está se espalhando pelo mundo, incluindo o Brasil. É autor do sucesso A fé na era do ceticismo, uma brilhante resposta às argumentações ateístas de autores como Richard Dawkins.